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October 9, 2013: Purdue to Hire Position to Focus on STEM Education
Five colleges within Purdue will soon collaborate to teach future STEM educators better methods of explaining scientific topics to their students.
September 20, 2013: STEM Slowly Seeps into Liberal Arts
Purdue is the fulcrum in a big seesaw, with STEM and liberal arts on either side and a hope to balance the two.
May 10, 2013: Purdue Takes Tuition Freeze to Board
The The Purdue University Board of Trustees will vote later this month on a proposed tuition freeze and some fee cuts. The board will take public comment at the May 22 meeting before making its decision.
May 9, 2013: Commission Makes Tuition Recommendations
The Indiana Commission for Higher Education has adopted non-binding recommendations concerning the cost of college. The organization says schools should limit tuition increases to no more than 2 percent per year over the next two years.
May 7, 2013: IUPUI Increases STEM Graduates by 25% Over 3 Years
Thanks to a $2 million grant, IUPUI has increased its number of science, tech, engineering and math graduates by 25 percent over the past three years, school officials said Tuesday.
March 5, 2013: IU Offers Tools to Avoid Debt
IU is now offering another way for students to measure and track their financial debt.
February 18, 2013: Bill Proposing New Way of Acquiring Duplicate Diplomas Passed
The second University senate meeting was held today in the Stewart Center. The senate document 12-3 to change the way the University handed out duplicate copies of degree diplomas was passed.
February 10, 2013: Purdue Launches Website to Boost Summer Enrollment
Purdue University is launching a campaign to increase summer enrollment.
February 10, 2013: IU Kokomo Works to Diversify Student Population
An influx of students from Saudi Arabia is helping Indiana University increase diversity on its Kokomo campus.
February 1, 2013: Pence to Visit Amazon, Bridges Project
Governor Mike Pence is continuing a tour of southern Indiana Friday and is scheduled to visit a key infrastructure project. He plans to tour the East End Bridge site in Jeffersonville, which is part of the Ohio River Bridges Project. Pence will also attend the grand opening of the Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) distribution center at the River Ridge Commerce Center. Pence visited the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville Thursday.
January 29, 2013: Daniels Attends First University Senate Meeting
The University Senate met on Monday for its first meeting of the semester, with President Mitch Daniels presenting his opening remarks.
January 23, 2013: IU East Reports Record Enrollment
Indiana University East is reporting record enrollment of nearly 3,900 students for the spring semester. The school says this is the 15th consecutive semester the student population has increased.
January 21, 2013: New Sheriff in Town
It’s common for new presidents on campus to announce how impressed they are with the institution and its people, their excitement about learning more from students, faculty and alumni. Substantive ideas? They might be proposed in an inaugural – months after a president has actually taken over. But even then, many presidents don’t exactly break new ground with their addresses.
January 10, 2013: Bennett Asks State for $10 Million Over the Next Two Years
With no salary increases and an overloaded faculty, the board of trustees and President Linda Bennett went to Indianapolis today to request money from the Indiana state legislature..
January 7, 2012: Daniels Transitions From Governor to President
He’s dabbled in the private sector, served eight years as governor of Indiana. Now, Mitch Daniels is preparing to take on the world of academia.
November 28, 2012: New Science Program Benefits Freshmen
The leader of a new study program in the College of Science said he hopes the program will help students succeed in their first year.
October 28, 2012: Technology Professors Receive NSF Grant to Create Educational Device
A team of Indiana State University professors received a National Science Foundation grant of more than $190,000 to create an innovative device they hope will transform automotive engineering technology education.
October 26, 2012: IU School of Medicine Expands Program in Lafayette
Medical students will soon be able to complete all four years of their training in the Lafayette area. A plan for increasing enrollment and expanding its program from two years to four years was announced by the Indiana University School of Medicine-Lafayette on Thursday.
October 16, 2012: Students Could Save 50 Percent on Online Summer Classes
Students could receive a 50 percent discount on summer courses if a proposal is accepted by the Board of Trustees Nov. 1.
October 8, 2012: Students Learn to Teach Overseas
The School of Education is now home to the Global Gateway for Teachers, a program that coordinates international student teacher placements.
October 5, 2012: Ranking Finds Purdue Degrees Valuable, but Some Prove More Valuable Than Others
Despite SmartMoney ranking Purdue the eighth best value for a University in the nation, some graduates easily find jobs, but others struggle or are unemployed.
September 11, 2012: Enrollment Numbers Show USI's Struggle with Diversity
Sophomore Marquita Fears is the only African American student in all of her classes. “Every class I’m in, I’m the only black person,” said the exercise science, pre-physical therapy major. Fears is one of 496 African American students who attend USI - 4.7 percent of the student population.
September 7, 2012: University Invests $8 Million in Online Education Initiative
Online education is often seen as a monologue — a recording of a lecture or an audio textbook — but a new initiative at IU is hoping to make it a conversation.
August 27, 2012: Indiana University and Ivy Tech Partner to Increase Technology Support
Indiana University and Ivy Tech Community College announce a technology support partnership to help college students use technology for increased success.
August 23, 2012: Long Lines Seen All Week at Financial Aid Office
During the first week of classes, many students are already feeling the stress by having to face long lines at the financial aid office with only two desks available to handle the high numbers.
August 23, 2012: Tuition Rate Increase Set at 1.5 Percent for 2012-13
Indiana residents attending ISU this fall can expect to save more on tuition as ISU board of trustees’ decision to scale back scheduled increases take effect.
August 21, 2012: Purdue First Generation Student Shines
Glorisel Cruz wanted to be different from her family. Cruz is the youngest of six children, but she is the first one in her family to go to college.
July 6, 2012: Purdue Physicists Part of Discovery of New Particle That Could be Higgs Boson
Purdue University scientists were part of a historical event this 4th of July as scientists working on the biggest international experiment in particle physics history announced the discovery of a new particle that may be the long-sought Higgs boson.
August 1, 2012: Ivy Tech Community College Transfer Students Save More Than $32 Million in Tuition Costs
Ivy Tech Community College students who transferred their Ivy Tech credits to each of the state’s public institutions during the 2010-2011 school year saved more than $32 million in tuition costs.
July 30, 2012: Vincennes University Creates Seven Colleges
Vincennes University has announced the creation of seven colleges to administer its statewide academic programs, according to an announcement today by VU President Dick Helton.
July 6, 2012: Purdue Physicists Part of Discovery of New Particle That Could be Higgs Boson
Purdue University scientists were part of a historical event this 4th of July as scientists working on the biggest international experiment in particle physics history announced the discovery of a new particle that may be the long-sought Higgs boson.
June 28, 2012: No More "What Ifs"
Do you ever ask yourself, "What if…?" No matter how hard we try to live in the present, it’s human nature to think about what might have been if we’d made different choices.
June 27, 2012: National Study Gives Indiana a 'C' in Postsecondary Education
Early last week, the Institute for a Competitive Workforce released a state-by-state report card evaluating public postsecondary education, in which Indiana scored an overall C, scoring lower than both Illinois and Michigan.
June 25, 2012: University Explains Age Policy Regarding Daniels' Term
With president-designate Mitch Daniels at the age of 63, people have speculated he can serve only until he turns 65 due to a University policy; but not many know the specifics of the criterion.
June 25, 2012: Number One Employer of New Purdue Graduates Offers Career Advice
The most important trait for new employees to display is being ethical, according to a manager of the company that employed the most Purdue graduates of 2011.
June 24, 2012: University Wins Sustainability Award
The International Sustainable Campus Network recently awarded Ball State its Excellence in Integration award for its efforts toward energy sustainability and greener living over the last few years.
June 21, 2012: Purdue Officially Makes Daniels its Next President
As expected, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels was officially introduced Thursday as the next president of Purdue University, quashing speculation that he would be tapped as a vice presidential candidate or a Cabinet appointee should Mitt Romney win the White House in November.
June 20, 2012: Tincher Named Ivy Tech Richmond Chancellor
The new chancellor of Ivy Tech Community College Richmond did not initially want the job.
June 20, 2012: IU Tuition Costs Below Nation's
IU regularly highlights programs and professors excelling on a national scale. But this summer, the University is standing out for being below the national average.
June 15, 2012:Summer Pilot Programs
Students may soon be able to take courses during the school year which allow them to look into the security measures of the Indianapolis race track or visit Chicago for a few days.
June 11, 2012: Coolest Classes Purdue has to Offer
While Purdue is a very prestigious university with rankings that prove it is among the best public universities in the nation, it has classes that many say are very enjoyable to learn.
June 10, 2012: Online Courses Could Help Foster More Cheating
The benefits of taking an online course are many: you work at your own pace, have the opportunity to spend the day in bed and can be educated cheaply and conveniently. But the way some online classes are structured also makes it too easy to cheat.

June 5, 2012: Career Center Offers Resources for Career Planning and Preparation
The Indiana State University Career Center offers various resources and programs to incoming students who wish to take advantage of the career planning process early.

June 4, 2012: Financial Aid offers services to manage funds
With 2,700 new freshmen students anticipated to arrive on-campus this fall, the Office of Financial Aid is hoping to implement changes to help students with their funds.

May 30, 2012: Purdue Needs to Offer an Automatic Wait Listing for Classes
Purdue needs to offer an online waitlist for classes that students desire to take but cannot get into immediately.
January 26, 2012: Ivy Tech Community College students save $9.5 million on textbooks
Ivy Tech Community College and Follett bookstores have helped students save $9.5 million in textbook expenses this last fiscal year, an increase of 219% compared to two years ago.


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